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Life: Unplugged

by anneMoore on August 18, 2009

When I describe our place in Quebec, few people can fathom our unplugged life. No television, telephone, cell calls or texts, no computers, newspapers or mail service, no stores nearby, no need to get in a car. Yes, we have a roof, beds, bathrooms, running water, comfy couches, electricity. We’re not camping. Indeed, certain services […]

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Books: Big Reads

by anneMoore on July 12, 2009

My daughter accuses me of doing nothing at our summer house in Quebec. Ha! I practice yoga after breakfast, kayak late morning and swim fast to the island and back (about a mile) late afternoon. In between: I read. I read small books and big books, fiction and nonfiction, old books and those newly published. […]

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