Archive Of Month: May 2009

Books: By the Hand

Instead of grabbing you by the throat, some books take you gently by the hand. Soothing, comfortable — ok, slow. But you’ll tote that book around like a third child and finish it, and feel sorry when you have. “The Elegance of the Hedgehog” is one of those books. A 2007 prize-winner in France, it


Dining: Off the Street

Looking for a place to eat? Look up. In Chicago, many of the city’s best restaurants are tucked inside skyscrapers or set in vertical shopping centers Latest entry? Fred’s (15 E. Oak St.), on the sixth floor of the new Barney’s New York. (What a makeover!) My friend Jennifer and I had lunch at Fred’s


Books: Between the covers

Why write about books? Well, for some of us, books are like lovers. We take them to bed. We cuddle up with them. We press them on our friends. We devour them, savor them — and sometimes throw one against the wall. As my friend Jennifer says, “A book should be lucky to have my