A Weighty Issue Indeed

Chicago Tribune, September 13, 2009
Fat consumes 10 percent of our health-care dollars. That’s $147 billion we spend, as a nation, treating diseases caused or exacerbated by too much fat on our frames.
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Harry and Louise Must Die

Salon, August 4, 2009
Next year we’ll spend $17 billion in Medicare dollars on an oxymoron: preventing inevitable death. So forget for a moment the plans coming out of Washington. Curing healthcare is not a question of Obama’s blue pill or Obama’s red pill. The answer may be no pill at all.
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Rats! Don’t you hate it when they visit paradise?

Chicago Tribune
In Chicago, we savor every warm sunny day in autumn. Last gasps of summer happen all over the globe, of course, but in Chicago each day of warmth and sun is one we soak up and store within ourselves. We’re like the late Leo Lionni’s Frederick, who uses those rays to sooth his fellow mice during the bleak, cold months of winter.
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Back to the Present: Bliss in a Water Tank

Crain’s Chicago Business, August 3, 1998
BALANCE, HARMONY, BLISS: all this in a basement storefront on Lincoln Avenue at SpaceTime Tanks, where the spaced-out ’60s live on and on and on. There, for $30 and an hour of your time, you can float in darkened silence in a sealed oblong tank of warm water suffused with 800 pounds of Epsom salts.
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Something Borrowed: A Wedding Dress Makes the Rounds

Chicago Reader, December 8, 1995
My wedding dress has been at the dry cleaner’s for ten months. It had already hung by its garment loops in an extra closet for nine years. One hundred dollars is a lot to spend cleaning something; and I vaguely sensed that it was uncleanable, that I’d take it to a professional, and they’d tut-tut me for ruining such a lovely dress. I’d had so much fun at our wedding that I’d trashed the lower two-thirds of it. Red wine, champagne, violet lipstick, grime-who invited them? But New York City and a lesbian guest insistent on catching the bouquet will leave their mark on white satin.
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In the blog

I am just returned from my favorite reading spot, our home on Lac Pythonga, where I sit with a book on the dock or the beach or stretch out on our new couch and/or reading chair with ottoman (thank you, Georgia Dent) — quiet spaces all. What a treat: to read for hours at a


We read to learn, we read for pleasure, we read to escape. I found it hard to read anything other than newspapers in the days after my mother’s death. After a week or so, while I was still out in sunny hot Scottsdale, I got back to books. Here’s some I enjoyed: they took me


Three friends and I headed to Washington, D.C. mid January to be a part of the Women’s March. I have a fear of crowds, but I had to do “something” about DT’s presidency. Shortly after the election, my dearest friends found a hotel room in Du Pont Circle and reasonable air fares to D.C. In