I grew up in a loving family in idyllic Demarest, N.J., and graduated from Marymount School of New York. I began writing professionally while I was a student at Barnard College, Columbia University.

A collection of poems I wrote during college won the Lenore Marshall Prize for Poetry. When I talked to my advisor about careers, she paused and said, “Well, of course, you’ll be a poet.” That seemed too solitary. I wanted to find and tell stories, to explore. So, I took a job at a newspaper. I wrote non-fiction for years. More recently I’ve begun writing poetry and fiction again.

A note about this site. I blog about books, movies, theatre, travel. I’ve posted some of my favorite clips, from mini reviews to multipage profiles and features. Too, I share with you “The Bicycle Poem,” which won the prize that started my career.

In the blog

A friend heading to the Galapagos Islands asked my advice for a breezy read, a light but engaging page-turner. Not my kind of read, but I scanned my shelves: Nick Hornby’s Funny Girl, Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians, John Kenney’s Truth in Advertising. Not light but certainly engaging, Dan Chaon’s Await Your Reply. What is


The college tour continued, in New York, where we stayed in Union Square with my sister Mary Beth (thank you) and visited two of Columbia University’s undergraduate colleges: Columbia College and Barnard College. Each deserves a day, and that’s how we toured. We were in Morningside Heights, so we visited the magnificent Cathedral of St.


Six of us went to Paris last week to eat and shop and look at art. We had no trouble (volcanic ash) coming or going, and while we certainly didn’t plan to benefit from other travelers’ canceled plans, we found it easy to nab reservations at top restaurants, and lines at museums were remarkably short.