Archive Of Month: December 2013

Art and Life: A Year in Review

It’s fun checking the “best of” lists that come out this time of year. Did my favorite books make the list? Movies? Museum shows? Plays? Restaurants? Yes and no. Let’s start with books. On everyone’s list is Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch, and it’s on mine, too — an oversized, engaging read — but there’s another


Books: Robert Stone’s thriller “Death of the Black-Haired Girl”

Ah, to finish the year grieving the end of a book: Robert Stone’s Death of the Black-Haired Girl. This is a town-and-gown noir thriller, not at all Stone’s usual fare. I loved it. “A cloud of resentment,” Maud Stack is a beautiful brainiac undergraduate in love with her advisor, Steven Brookman. It’s mutual — but