Archive Of Month: April 2014

Theater: New from old, an inventive “Tristan & Yseult”

Inventive retellings of ancient tales can be a joy to experience: the old is made new in crazy, sexy, wondrous ways. Kneehigh’s Tristan & Yseult is such a show; its U.S. tour ended recently with a two-week run at Chicago Shakespeare Theater, where I saw it. I’m glad I did, in part because I’d forgotten


Reading the Literature of War: Daniel Anselme’s “On Leave”

The fight for Algerian independence from France began in November 1954. That brutal guerilla war would continue until 1961, when French president Charles de Gaulle gave up Algeria, an African colony France had ruled since 1830. Among the French, the war was unpopular and misunderstood. Still, they had as many as 450,000 soldiers in Algeria.