Archive Of Month: November 2010

Life: Giving Thanks

“As simple as it sounds, gratitude is actually a demanding, complex emotion that requires ‘self-reflection, the ability to admit that one is dependent upon the help of others, and the humility to realize one’s own limitations.’” — Robert Emmons, University of California – Davis, Wall Street Journal, 11/23/10. Reading this made me want to voice


Books: Nemesis by Philip Roth

I’m one of those readers who notices obviously smart (read: successful) people beside the resort pool lapping up the latest novel from Philip Roth. He’s published 25 of ‘em since 1959, and twice won the National Book Award. Friends and family press his books on me. I’ve tried to like him! The simple premise of


Books: Man in the Woods by Scott Spencer

A thriller that’s beautifully written and carefully told is a rare thing. “Man in the Woods,” by Scott Spencer, is that impossible-to-find read that satisfies on multiples levels. “Will he get away with it?” drives this story peopled by richly drawn, complex characters. Paul Phillips is a high-priced carpenter whose expertise in restoring old homes