Chicago: In and Around Town

by anneMoore on May 16, 2012

Living in a city beside an inland sea, my morning walk sometimes yields trash, or an odd hello: a washed up, desiccated raccoon, its teeth bared. Dried vomit. Charging geese. Our harmless resident crazy, who mistakes me for Hillary Clinton, and asks after Bill.

Why keep walking?

Because there’s treasure to be found: a mother mallard with her ducklings squiggling behind her, sunlight sparkling off the lake’s cresting blue or green water, the city’s skyline spread like a giant cardboard cutout before me.

And the other day: a fenced off Lincoln Park allée, with nesting herons overhead. Endangered black crowned night herons (they feed when it’s dark) are protected by the state and federal government. My friend Deborah and I stopped and watched some of them — there’s 400! — build their nests.…/black-crowned-night-herons-arrive-early?..

Also in town, my gifted photographer friend Lydia Panas is one of four artists in a group show at Schneider Gallery, 230 W. Superior St. / “After Classical Portraiture,” through July 7, gives us a look at photographers whose contemporary portraits evoke Flemish Masters of the 17th century. Worth seeing. Lydia’s portraits are hauntingly beautiful. /

Finally, a call out for two fine-dining restaurants in my neighborhood.

Rustic House, 1967 N. Halsted St., is a treat: loud, lively, warmly lit and furnished. Impeccable service, prompt seating. Roast prime rib was a hit with the guys. Other tasty fare: pan-roasted cod over spring vegetables. Also, sides of brussel sprouts (I know, but trust me, theirs are crisp and smoky) and a three-cheese gratin. The bar looked like a good place for two to share a meal. The back room, warmed by a fireplace, seemed more quiet, but friends tell me it gets just as loud as the front room. Still, the noise doesn’t overwhelm: we four had no trouble conversing. /

Six of us shared a fabulous farm-to-table meal last Saturday night at Perennial Virant, 1800 N. Lincoln Ave. I loved our cozy banquette table — for six! — that allowed all of us to talk easily. My husband thought the menu light on meat offerings, but otherwise, no complaints. From fried cheese curds to pan-roasted rainbow trout, for me, nothing on this menu disappoints. And the service rocks. /

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